Quake Secrets 1.5a (40 kilobytes)

Download Quake Secrets 1.5a in a ZIP file (15 kilobytes)

Quake II

The CRBot, for Quake II (183 kilobytes)

SkinView Mod v.4.1, for Quake II (468 kilobytes)

The Lightening Gun, for Quake II (231 kilobytes)

Linux Quake III Dedicated Server (40 kilobytes)
(NB. Retail version required)

Quake Tips and Tricks
Single/multi playersIf more than one person is playing singleplayer on your copy of Quake III: Arena, in order to keep your game intact, simply rename the "q3config.cfg" file to something else. When you next start the game, you'll have to enter your CD-Key again, but the singleplayer settings will be reset. To restore your game, all you have to do is change the name of the file back to what it was originally.
Q3: Easter eggsLook around on Q3DM15, Q3DM19 and possbily Q3DM11 for something odd...
GeneralFrag everything that isn't you!


Quake Live


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Linux Quake HOWTO

Quake 4

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